Fairfax Education Association (FEA) Endorses Ricardy Anderson for School Board



On Friday, April 12, 2019, the Fairfax Education Association (FEA) announced its endorsement of Ricardy Anderson for School Board. To earn the FEA endorsement, candidates were required to complete a questionnaire and interview with the FEA volunteer leadership team.

The Fairfax Education Association Political Action Committee Recommends
Ricardy Anderson for the Mason District Democratic Committee

“Dr. Anderson will work collaboratively to strategically implement One Fairfax, ensuring that our students and employees receive the resources they need to succeed in Fairfax County Public Schools. She believes that our staff deserve the pay increases they need to live in the county they serve. She also is committed to revising the current employee evaluation system to focus on increasing talent in our workforce. She seeks to diversify our teaching staff and address equity in every corner of our system.  We look forward to working with her to improve the quality of our public schools.”

Kevin Hickerson
FEA President

Ricardy is the only Teacher-Endorsed candidate in the race for the open Mason District seat for the Fairfax County School Board.

Ricardy Anderson