CASA in Action Endorses Ricardy Anderson for School Board

"These leaders embrace the enormous diversity in our schools and support the investments necessary to ensure immigrant families have the tools they need to succeed. We are confident that our endorsed candidates--Ricardy Anderson, an immigrant from Haiti and awarded school administrator . . . --will ensure that all Fairfax County public schools can be institutions that embrace equity and inclusion for every child to succeed."

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Ricardy Anderson
Fairfax Education Association (FEA) Endorses Ricardy Anderson for School Board



On Friday, April 12, 2019, the Fairfax Education Association (FEA) announced its endorsement of Ricardy Anderson for School Board. To earn the FEA endorsement, candidates were required to complete a questionnaire and interview with the FEA volunteer leadership team.

The Fairfax Education Association Political Action Committee Recommends
Ricardy Anderson for the Mason District Democratic Committee

“Dr. Anderson will work collaboratively to strategically implement One Fairfax, ensuring that our students and employees receive the resources they need to succeed in Fairfax County Public Schools. She believes that our staff deserve the pay increases they need to live in the county they serve. She also is committed to revising the current employee evaluation system to focus on increasing talent in our workforce. She seeks to diversify our teaching staff and address equity in every corner of our system.  We look forward to working with her to improve the quality of our public schools.”

Kevin Hickerson
FEA President

Ricardy is the only Teacher-Endorsed candidate in the race for the open Mason District seat for the Fairfax County School Board.

Ricardy Anderson
Former School Board Member/Community Leader Mary Anne Lecos Endorses Ricardy for School Board

Statement from Mary Anne Lecos, Ed.D
regarding Mason District School Board Race

 April 12, 2019

“I highly recommend Ricardy Anderson as the Mason District candidate to serve on the Fairfax County School Board.

 On the basis of my 35 years in education as teacher in grades 6 – 8, member of the Fairfax County School Board representing Mason District, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction for FCPS, and Director of Teacher Education at George Mason University, I believe that Ricardy Anderson's long and successful career has prepared her with the knowledge and skills to  represent Mason District's diverse community.”

- Mary Anne Lecos, Ed.D
Former Member, Fairfax County School Board (Mason District)

Ricardy Anderson
Delegate Alfonso Lopez Endorses Ricardy Anderson for School Board

 “I am pleased to announce my endorsement of Ricardy Anderson for School Board.


The Mason District covers portions of my district, including Bailey’s Crossroads and Seven Corners. Ricardy’s personal background as a parent of students in the district and extensive professional experience as an educator make her the best candidate to represent the growing needs and concerns of our community. I urge members of the Mason District Democratic Committee to make plans to vote on April 24 for Ricardy for School Board.”

- Delegate Alfonso Lopez
House of Delegates, District 49

Ricardy Anderson
Congressman Gerry Connolly Endorses Ricardy Anderson for School Board

"As the former chair of the Board of Supervisors and as a member of Congress representing Mason District, I am pleased to endorse Ricardy Anderson to succeed Sandy Evans on the Fairfax County School Board. 

Ricardy’s personal story is the perfect example of the power of public education as an opportunity equalizer. As an immigrant and school principal, she understands the issues that face our students and schools in our diverse community. She is also experienced in balancing priorities and making difficult decisions to ensure the efficient use of resources. Ricardy understands the importance of maintaining strong relationships with the Board of Supervisors, the Fairfax County General Assembly Delegation, and Congressional Representatives to increase and leverage funding and educational opportunities.

 Ricardy is the candidate most qualified to represent Mason District on the Fairfax County School Board. She will be effective day one."

- Congressman Gerry Connolly (VA-11)
U.S. House of Representatives

Ricardy Anderson
Supervisor Penny Gross Endorses Ricardy Anderson for School Board

"Dr. Ricardy Anderson will be a School Board member for all schools serving Mason District students.


  The value of education plays a huge role in Rickie's life, from an immigrant child speaking no English, to earning a doctorate for a career as both a classroom teacher and principal.  These life experiences give her a unique perspective about the challenges facing teachers and students today, and I am proud to endorse her candidacy to be the next Mason District representative to the Fairfax County School Board."

- Supervisor Penny Gross
Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

Ricardy Anderson
Inside Scoop: Educator/Community Leader Ricardy Anderson Runs for School Board

Dr. Ricardy Anderson, FCPS School Board in Mason District

Watch Video at 14:48

Dr. Ricardy Anderson, a resident of Mason District since 2008, is running to represent her home district on the FCPS School Board. She is seeking the Democratic nomination in the Mason District.  Anderson, a former teacher and principal, holds a Doctoral Degree, and is the only professional educator running for the seat. She brings with her a wealth of experience, and a desire to tackle the challenging issues that the School Board faces.

With deep roots in the community, along with raising her two young children in Mason District, Ricardy is acutely aware of the challenges and needs of her district. She has never thought about running for public office in the past, but was moved to serve her community in an educational capacity. She has a lot of ideas and comes with a variety of perspectives to share, as she says there are “many ways to peel the onion”. She is excited to bring some of those ideas to the table in Fairfax County.

Her goal is to foster confidence in the school system to all families throughout Fairfax County, no matter where they live. She understands that education is the great equalizer, and wants to ensure that all students have equal access to education. She herself is an immigrant and first generation American, and has seen first hand that her education gave her the opportunity to advance and make a better life for herself and her family.  Anderson is also a fierce advocate for competitive teacher pay, and believes that the teachers are the foundation of a strong school system.

Her platform includes strengthening equity across the county by strategically implementing the One Fairfax policy, focusing on teacher pay, encouraging the Board to look at restorative justice practices in regards to discipline procedures, strong support of mental health services for students, and opportunities for high school students to access dual enrollment classes through the Community College system.   Voters can learn more about Dr. Ricardy Anderson and her platform, along with current endorsements, by visiting her website. Residents of Mason District who would like to have an opportunity to weigh in on this endorsement need to join the Mason District Democratic Committee by 5pm on March 22nd in order to be eligible to vote in the  April 24th election.

Ricardy Anderson
Chairman Sharon Bulova Endorses Dr. Anderson for School Board

"I am pleased to endorse Dr. Ricardy Anderson for the open Mason District Seat on the Fairfax County School Board. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk with Rickie and I have to say I’m so impressed. She walks the walk. She knows schools. She knows education. She has pledged to be a full-time school board member and spend a day in our schools every week. That hands-on approach is so valuable. This is someone who really cares, who is paying her grassroots dues in order to represent the people that she would like to represent as a member of the school board. I’m excited to know that we have someone like Rickie Anderson running for the Mason seat. I think she’s going to be a star."

-Sharon Bulova
Chairman, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

Ricardy Anderson
Keystone + Mountain + Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters Endorses Ricardy4MasonKids

“The Keystone + Mountain + Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters is proud to endorse Ricardy Anderson for Mason District School Board. Ricardy has demonstrated a clear commitment to building trades issues in her personal and professional life. She understands the challenges that Fairfax County faces, and her plans for the School Board put a strong emphasis on high-quality union apprenticeship programs that offer a path to the middle-class. We are confident that Ricardy will be a strong ally to working families as a Fairfax County School Board member by pushing for access to skilled trade apprenticeship programs and responsible school construction policies.”

Ricardy Anderson
Blue Virginia Endorses Ricardy for School Board

“I’d been hearing great things about Fairfax County School Board (Mason District) Democratic candidate Ricardy Anderson, and after sitting down for lunch with her yesterday for a couple hours, I can confirm that those great things were absolutely accurate. Anderson is, in short, incredibly impressive and would make a superb addition to the Fairfax County School Board from the Mason District (replacing current School Board member Sandy Evans, who is retiring). Which is why I’m very confident in endorsing her for this position (note: the Mason District Democratic Committee will meet to vote on its endorsement recommendation on April 24; the other Democratic candidate is Jessica Swanson).

So…why Ricardy Anderson? First of all, she knows education – and Fairfax County public schools – inside and out, with two young children in the school system and also having “walked the walk” (she told me at lunch about her experience literally “walking the building,” and how that’s such an important thing to do in order to listen and to be present) for many years — as a teacher, administrator and principal. And she vows to continue walking that walk – literally – when she’s on the School Board, by visiting a different school and spending a day there every week, which of course is a great way to really get a feel for what’s going on…actually showing up and listening. But how, you ask, is Anderson going to have time to do this, given that the Fairfax County School Board is (theoretically) a part-time job? Because, in part, Anderson has vowed to be a full-time school board member, something she’s able and willing to do, even for what I would argue is an absurdly low salary and a ridiculous assumption that running one of the largest school systems in the *country* should be a part-time job.

Second, in speaking to Anderson, her passion, enthusiasm, energy, expertise, knowledge, dynamism and deep caring for kids and for schools just comes pouring out. Part of this, undoubtedly, comes from her own background as the daughter of immigrants (from Haiti) for whom English wasn’t their first language and for whom navigating the school system was a brand-new, somewhat mysterious and confusing, experience/struggle. This background and perspective is important in and of itself, of course, but particularly so in an incredibly and richly diverse place like Mason District – around 30% Latino, 18% Asian or Pacific Islander, 11% African American and 38% Caucasian, with around 44% of Mason District residents foreign born and with one of the highest child poverty rates in Fairfax County. Which is also why it’s so important to have someone, like Ricardy Anderson, who both reflects and strongly believes in the value of diversity – and in making sure that everyone knows how great diverse schools are – representing that district on the school board.

It’s also worth noting, in a positive way, that Anderson is a reluctant candidate, not in terms of her passion and dedication to doing a great job of course, but in seeing herself as a politician (e.g., she is *not* looking at this job as a “stepping stone” to higher office), which she stressed repeatedly to me at lunch that she absolutely is not. So why run for office then? Simple: because that’s the way she believes she can make the most difference, for the better, in as many Fairfax County kids’ lives as possible. And because she believes strongly that – as she likes to say – Strong Schools Build Strong Communities.

In terms of her platform, Anderson is a strong progressive who believes that: 1) “One Fairfax” needs to be “a reality for Mason Kids by equitably equipping our teachers and staff with needed resources to facilitate the delivery of personalized and individualized instruction to students in 21st century facilities”; 2) “We must ensure Title I and other needs-based funding are aligned with Mason District needs”; 3) “We must invest in our teachers and in our facilities to provide the students of Mason District with quality learning experiences”; 4) “We must ensure adequate staffing to prevent irresponsible student ratios, especially in high-needs areas“; 5) “To retain the best and most talented staff in FCPS, we should employ proven methods to support teacher development and growth, such as a Peer Assistance Review Program”; and 6) in terms of Middle School start times, she will work to “ensure that FCPS adheres to the school start time recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association, and the Centers for Disease Control.”

In our discussion, we also talked about the importance of “greening the schools,” which Anderson strongly supports; for keeping schools a safe learning environment without doing things like arming teachers or turning them into fortresses; for standing up for special-needs kids; for ensuring equality and safety for LGBTQ kids; for making sure that teachers can afford to live and teach in Fairfax County; and lots more.

See below for video of Anderson being interviewed by Catherine Read on “Inside Scoop”; as well as endorsements by Del. Marcus Simon (D-Falls Church) and by Brian Butler, former principal of Mason Crest ES and education leader, who cites Anderson’s “passion to help ensure equity for all” and argues that “our school boards have to have some representation of former educators who have worked in the trenches in schools and believe that we have to abandon the idea of isolated teachers in favor of teams of teachers doing the right work in order to take Collective Responsibility for all students.”

-Lowell Feld
Blue Virginia

Ricardy Anderson
Endorsement by Brian Butler, Mason Crest ES’s Former Principal

I am not normally in the business of endorsing candidates for school board positions because to be honest many are not educators and I am not always sure how much they understand about what it truly takes to work in a school day to day. I am not saying school board candidates have to be educators, and I have known many whose hearts are truly in the right place, but I just don’t normally publicly endorse school board candidates.

Until TODAY!

I believe that if we are going to start to move the needle toward true equity and excellence for all students, our school boards have to have some representation of former educators who have worked in the trenches in schools and believe that we have to abandon the idea of isolated teachers in favor of teams of teachers doing the right work in order to take Collective Responsibility for all students.

This morning I had the opportunity to spend over three hours with Ricardy Josma Anderson (full disclosure) a parent whose children go to my former school, Mason Crest and a former public school principal who is now running for the school board(Mason District) in Fairfax County. I don’t live in Fairfax and cannot vote but have a vested interest in Mason Crest, the Mason District and Fairfax as a whole since I spent almost half of my career in the district.

I knew Mrs. Anderson as a parent and have gotten to know her a lot better recently having had multiple communications with her via text and phone, but our meeting this morning blew me away and solidified the fact that I needed to publicly say she is THE REAL DEAL. To be honest Fairfax County Public Schools needs her much more than she needs Fairfax. She would never say that, but I am saying it.

Mrs. Anderson’s passion to help ensure equity for all (and before people say she wants all kids to get the same thing -stop it!) giving kids what they need when they need it, Kid by Kid, Skill by Skill, not because of a label, but ensuring that all students who are expected to be independent adults one day are given access to grade level essential curriculum in order to have a chance to be successful. Students who have mastered essential skills in an area will be challenged appropriately but it won’t be because of a label it will be because the team based on team developed common assessments will know what skills to Target!

Our conversation centered on Mrs. Anderson asking lots of questions, about supports and resources schools needed to be successful, showing that she is a listener and learner. She also shared her experiences as a school based administrator which she has many.

These experiences are invaluable in seeing the big picture of the wonderful opportunities and immense challenges that are present in schools today.

It was as if we were to “seasoned veterans” on a porch discussing our craft, our wonderful profession and the quality of people it attracts but how we are losing many because of our traditional educational cultures, mindsets and structures that needs to be abandoned and/or deconstructed.

Mrs. Anderson was still very optimistic at the possibilities for our children and our teachers if the right conditions continue to be nurtured and/or cultivated in schools and districts.

If you live in Fairfax County and live in the Mason District section of Fairfax, please consider the information below, as I am highly supportive of Ricardy Anderson’s candidacy for a seat on the School Board!

Her focus... Kids All Kids!

-Brian Butler
Former Principal, Mason Crest Elementary

MasonCrest May17.jpg
Ricardy Anderson

“I have known Dr. Anderson for 20 years as a fellow educator. She has a great wealth of experience as a teacher and school leader in both elementary and secondary settings. Dr. Anderson is strategic, intelligent and caring. She understands how schools and divisions work, as well as the obstacles districts face. 

Dr. Anderson has both a theoretical and practical understanding of instruction.  Most importantly, she is passionate about public education. She has and will continue to work hard to make sure schools support all students.  I unequivocally endorse Dr. Ricardy Anderson for FCPS school board.” 

—Maureen Nesselrode
Principal, Arlington Public Schools

Ricardy Anderson

“Dr. Ricardy Anderson is an extraordinary leader. As my former principal, she was responsible for creating a positive vision learning environment for Cardinal Ridge Elementary, a brand-new school. She developed a dynamic, high performing team that created a successful vision for the school. Under her leadership and guidance, the school blossomed. She developed an outstanding plan and executed it effectively to the benefit of the students, the community, and the staff. Students are always at the forefront of all of her administrative decisions. She developed leaders in her staff and worked hard to always support parents, students, and staff. She has a passion for education and always strives for excellence. She is an outstanding candidate for membership on the Fairfax County School Board.”

- Katie DeRosa
Teacher, Loudoun County Public Schools

Ricardy Anderson
Delegate Marcus Simon Endorses Ricardy Anderson for School Board

“A good portion of House of Delegates District 53 covers the Mason District and includes schools in the Falls Church pyramid. Our long-time school board member Sandy Evans has announced her retirement at the end of this year. My choice to succeed Sandy is Ricardy Anderson.


Dr. Ricardy Anderson’s 23 years of experience as a classroom teacher, central office administrator, and building leader across three states will bring an important perspective and bold ideas to the Fairfax County School Board. Rickie knows the Mason District community as a long-time resident and volunteer. She knows FCPS as the parent of two elementary school children. Rickie, like many of our constituents, is a first-generation American.

She is the right person to represent the Mason District. I wholeheartedly endorse her.”

- Delegate Marcus Simon
VA House of Delegates (District 53)

Ricardy Anderson

“I worked as a middle school mathematics teacher under Ricardy’s leadership. She brought powerful new data driven methodology to our campus. Ricardy was hands on. By this I mean she enjoyed and was consistent in entering classrooms with the intention of building relationships and observing pedagogy. All visits were followed by helpful and positive feedback. She is focused on building support mechanisms for our underserved student populations, with after school tutoring and instituting additional periods for students who benefited by extra focus on challenging subjects during the regular school day as few examples. Iwould like to add that Ricardy led by modeling hard work, attention to measurable results and leadership by motivation. 

Without hesitation, I support the election of Ricardy Anderson to the Fairfax County School Board for the Mason District.”

-Stuart D. Shepard
Teacher, Hayward-Unified School District 

Ricardy Anderson
Senator Marsden: Ricardy Anderson is Well-Qualified to Serve on the School Board

“Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Ricardy Anderson, a long-time Mason District resident, educator, and community volunteer who recently announced her candidacy for the open Mason District seat on the Fairfax County School Board. Ricardy is a former classroom teacher, Virginia Department of Education-recognized administrator, a former Army National Guard Reservist, a woman of color, and first-generation American. Her professional and personal experiences, innovative ideas, and passion for helping children reach their full potential make her well-qualified to serve on the school board.”

-Senator David W. (Dave) Marsden
Senate of Virginia (District 37)
February 26, 2019

Ricardy Anderson

“Dr. Anderson has always been and will continue to be a passionate and knowledgable advocate for children who understands the needs of both the students and the adults in the educational structure. Having worked side by side with her as a principal and now serving as a suburban superintendent, I can't think of anyone more qualified to serve on a school board who will have an unwavering focus in doing what is best for all students.”

-Dr. Shelley Holt 
Superintendent of Wayne-Westland Community Schools

Ricardy Anderson
Former Teacher Endorses Dr. Anderson for School Board

“Dr. Anderson exemplifies the characteristics that an effective school board member should possess. She is driven by student achievement and focuses on what is best for all students. She works with parents, teachers, community members, and students to accomplish the set-forth vision and attain collective goals.”

- Angela Murray M.S., E.S.E.

Ricardy Anderson
Friend/Community Activist Endorses Rickie Anderson for School Board

“Ricardy Anderson has a deep lifelong commitment to children and educational excellence, but she also has the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver.  As an immigrant and as the mother of two FCPS elementary school children, she knows firsthand the challenges that we face in the Mason District, and the strategies to best deploy FCPS's resources so that every child can realize their potential.”

— Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg
Friend and Community Activist

Ricardy Anderson